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KPIs and Targets setting our direction

Climate Action

Gender Equality

Employee Turnover

It is calculated by measuring total CO2e intensity in tons per employee. We focus on lowering our emissions, for instance, by shifting towards electric company vehicles. We manage scope 1 and 2 emissions through activity-based calculations, which means we get data directly from our suppliers. Scope 3 is managed using a combination of spend- and activity-based calculations, though we continue to improve our activity-based data.

This area focuses on the distribution of women and men in the company. We strive to increase the share of the underrepresented gender on the board, in management, and among employees to increase overall equality within the organization. We wish for all our employees to be treated equally, to have the same development opportunities, and for nobody to experience discrimination. Being friendly is a part of our values, and essentially, this includes avoiding any kinds of biases against each other, including gender biases.

This KPI deals with employee-initiated turnover, which refers to the number of employees who leave the organization within the reporting year. We aim to foster a work environment where all employees feel valued, respected, and motivated in their work. For instance, we have developed an employee engagement survey to understand where we can improve the work environment so that every employee can contribute with their absolute best.

Main target(s):

  • Reducing absolute scope 1+2 by 42% by 2030, compared to a 2022 baseline.

Main target(s):

  • Underrepresented gender in extended management (EMG) 40% by 2025.
  • Underrepresented gender in the company 40% by 2025.

Main target(s):

  • Employee satisfaction score TBD during 2024.
  • Minimize employee turnover to 15% for full-timers by 2030.
  • Minimize employee turnover to 25% for part-timers by 2030

Environmental Impact of own Pickup vehicles


Waste Management

Employee Health & Safety

This is calculated by measuring tons of CO2e from pick-up trucks through data on kilometers driven collected from the vehicles and route planning schemes. The KPI is directly connected with our Climate Action KPI. Providing pickup services for our customers is a fundamental aspect of the unique experience we offer. We have an impact on the environment due to the release of GHG emissions from our own pick-ups, which is why we aim to switch our diesel and gasoline vehicles to electric ones.

Data on waste is collected from local waste management companies. We aim to decrease the amount of waste that we produce, as waste management is an important part of national climate plans. Link is working on contributing to reaching internationally agreed goals in this area.

We track this KPI by counting the number of accidents and fatalities across our branches. Our goal is to have a completely accident-free workplace, which we aim to achieve through safety protocols and training initiatives, for instance, in proper lifting techniques. Working actively with health and safety and identifying areas where we can improve reduces the risk of accidents.

Main target(s):

  • Reducing emissions from own pickup fleet by 50% by 2030, compared to a 2022 baseline.

Main target(s):

  • Increase recycling percentage to above 70% by 2025, compared to a 2022 baseline.
  • Increase recycling percentage to above 80% by 2030, compared to a 2022 baseline.

Main target(s):

  • Zero accidents leading to injury each year.
  • Maintaining zero fatalities each year.
Director of Strategy, Sustainability & Communications

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