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Our dedicated Green Runner Network

We ensure continuous development of the Green Runner Network building upon their knowledge, as sustainability is an ever-evolving field. Through monthly meetings and bi-annual workshops, the Green Runners share ideas, present local projects, and discuss emerging sustainability trends.


We are very proud of having such an amazing team, making it possible for Link to enhance sustainability.

At the heart of our sustainability work lies the Green Runner Network, a dynamic and dedicated team essential to executing our sustainability strategy.


The green runners are the local eyes and ears representing sustainability at all our branches. These enthusiastic and determined individuals have taken on an extra role, adding to their daily work.


Their dedication knits together our sustainability targets, turning them into actions that fit each of our branches.


The Green Runners are, for instance, vital to our sustainability reporting processes, as their on-the-ground presence in local projects and initiatives provides us with invaluable insights.

Director of Strategy, Sustainability & Communications

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