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Our contribution to the SDGs

Increasing Positive Impacts

Concrete initiatives in progress

  • Focus on merits and competencies in the recruiting process and ensure there is no (unconscious) bias in both the searching, promoting, and hiring process.
  • Work on creating and maintaining an inclusive culture by working with all management levels to prevent potential biases in the promotion processes and the benefits and salary negotiations.

Status on initiatives

  • HR is working directly with each department when recruiting to evaluate job postings, interview processes, and negotiations to prevent potential gender, race, and religious biases.
  • HR continued one-to-one meetings with all managers with employee responsibility to support the organizational development.


  • Conduct annual internal and external Impact Assessments to assess negative and positive impacts of Link Logistics’ operations on people and the work environment (among a broad range of other areas)
  • Conduct Work Engagement surveys to assess employee satisfaction and well-being. Based on the results, develop department-specific action plans for improvement in a shared effort between management and employees
  • Annually review and improvement of Business Relationship Code of Conduct
  • Review and approvement of Code of Conduct for Employees.
  • In 2023 we will focus on maintaining a heavy flow of communication across the organization, as we have identified the lack of knowledge and information to be an important factor in low work engagement.
  • The Business Relationship CoC has been reviewed and approved by The Board of Directors. The strategy for implementation has been developed, and during 2023, it will be shared with key suppliers, and dialogues will be initiated to ensure commitment.
  • We have developed a Code of Conduct for Employees that will be implemented in 2023. 


  • Continuous product development to ensure an increasingly flexible, customized, reliable, and sustainable product offering to meet customers’ demands both today and tomorrow
  • A sustainability strategy has been developed to emphasize sustainability and meet our customers’ growing demands. We continuously work closely with our customers and suppliers to develop more sustainable products. We believe that close collaboration with our business relationships is the best way to find solutions.


  • Focusing on partnerships with conscious suppliers in our value chain, to increase greener intregrators.
  • In 2022, we started investigating the possibility of offering our warehouse customers more sustainable packaging materials as a direct contribution to reducing customer footprint. We expect to roll out this initiative in 2023.



Minimizing Negative Impacts

Concrete initiatives in progress

  • Increasing the recycling percentage of waste produced at all company locations.

Status on initiatives

  • In 2022, we implemented a new recycling strategy to reduce our internal waste generation and establish proper sorting systems for the waste we accumulate as part of our operations.


  • Seek to gather more actual CO2e data from suppliers to increase the maturity of the different Scopes and categories in the baseline calculations, as this will strengthen decision-making on carbon reduction initiatives.
  • Ensure product development and efforts to educate customers and provide them with the transparency needed to make informed decisions.
  • Ensure internal competency building to provide strong customer support and education around sustainable logistics.
  • We have launched an internal network of sustainability representatives, known as " The Green Runner Network", consisting of one Green Runner at each of our eleven branches. They represent various job functions and backgrounds within the organization and contribute to implementing, promoting, and improving sustainable projects and initiatives. We continuously prioritize strengthening the network's capacity and knowledge of sustainability through bi-annual 2-day workshops and monthly status meetings.
  • We continue to place emphasis on scoping projects and initiatives to help minimize negative impacts across all scopes. In 2022, we focused on developing internal projects targeting scope 1 and 2 emissions, and going forward we will focus more on decreasing our scope 3 emissions.
Head of Sustainability & Communications

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