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Our Sustainability Ambition

At Link Logistics, our brand promise is to deliver responsible solutions to all our customers by focusing on the environmental challenges we face today – and those awaiting us tomorrow. We strive hard to combine our business aims with our understanding of the most pressing sustainability challenges, where we believe Link Logistics has the potential to make a real and lasting contribution to change.


At the beginning of 2022, management presented our 2025 ambition, which is designed to ensure that we are all working towards a common goal at Link. The inclusion of sustainability in our ambition underscores the importance that our senior management places on this critical issue and demonstrates that it is now an integral aspect of Link’s strategic agenda. We recognize our role in creating positive change in a constantly evolving world. To ensure our continued commitment to sustainability, our ambition focuses on the four key areas detailed below.

Gender Equality & People Empowerment

Healthy, Safe and secure working environments

Increasing transparency in the logistics sector

Reducing our footprint

As a growing international organization, we need to focus on inclusion and diversity, in which people empowerment plays an immense role in lifting the quality of our work. For instance, Link has set a clear goal of increasing female leaders in management positions, to at least 40%, by 2025.

The health and safety of our employees have always been a priority. We have an ambition of achieving a Zero Accident culture and work hard to educate and train our employees in safe work environments and techniques. We continuously work to improve in this area and focus on reaching zero accidents each year.

To enhance the overall sustainability focus in our industry, we need to be part of creating more transparency in logistics services. Towards 2025 we will work even more on communicating progress, projects, and initiatives within sustainable development, as well as creating partnerships with business relations to increase overall transparency in the industry.
With the logistics sector being one of the environmental sinners globally, we have, as part of the ambition, included an increased focus on reducing our footprint. We will work on this in collaboration with stakeholders throughout our value chain.
Director of Strategy, Sustainability & Communications

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