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Hazardous, valuable or oversized cargo? Link Logistics specializes in helping you find the best special transport options to suit your business’ specific needs – anywhere on the planet. As Denmark’s leading broker for all types of transport solutions, we can save you time, worry and money by linking you to a world of hand-picked special cargo carriers at preferential rates, so you can find the right choice at the right price – quickly, simply, and dependably.

Everything in a single work procedure
– simple and straightforward!

How is special transport better with Link Logistics?

Better service

Our priority is making your logistics feel simpler. That’s why are our proactive team of agents ensures your goods are shipped safely wherever they’re needed, handling any exceptions along the way.

Broader solutions

Our technology and integrations link you seamlessly to a wider range of transport options worldwide, so we can find the solutions that suit you best – whether faster, more convenient or even more secure.

Lower rates

We’ve already done the price negotiations with special transport providers around the world, so you know your business will always benefit from preferential rates on whichever special cargo options you choose.

Greener ambition

Our goal is always to provide you with the most responsible logistics solutions possible. Every day, we work hard to find new ways of caring even better for businesses, people and the planet.

Scalable with your business

We treat every business, big or small, with the same prioritized service and can scale with your growing needs.

Whatever your cargo we’ll find your carrier

There are many different types of special cargo, each with its own unique transportation needs. Some of the most common types we deal with include:

Hazardous cargo

This includes chemicals, explosives, and other hazardous materials that can be dangerous to transport. Special procedures and equipment are needed to ensure they’re transported safely.

Valuable cargo

Anything that is of particularly high value and needs to be transported even more securely is classified as special cargo freight. This can include items such as electronics, jewelry, and art.

Oversized cargo

Items that are too large or bulky to fit into a standard cargo container need to be transported using specialized equipment, which also can involve a wide number of different procedures.

When you need to transport special cargo freight, it’s crucial to partner with a transportation company with expertise in handling the specific type of cargo you need to ship. We’ve specialized in this for years.

Everything in a single work procedure
– simple and straightforward!

Whatever your challenge our team’s here to help

When you’re shipping special goods, it’s more important than ever to know they’re being transported safely, securely and responsibly with everything taken care of along the way. That’s why we assign you a trusted team of experts to oversee your shipment at every stage.

Their global expertise and local port knowledge mean most issues are anticipated before they occur, and are dealt with smoothly and rapidly. Knowing your special cargo is getting to its destination safely and on time means you can get back to business.