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  • Dangerous goods (ADR)
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  • Bonded warehouse
  • On board courier
  • Immediate hauling

as well as service assignments.


Which method suits your need

We have made it easy for you to choose the exact method of transportation that best suits your company’s shipment each time – based on speed of delivery, flexibility and security of supply. Through our handpicked network of global collaboration partners, we ensure that your company’s parcels and packages reach their destination on time.



Everything in a single work procedure – simple and straightforward!

Different special cargo


There are many different types of special cargo, and each has its own unique transportation needs. Some of the most common types of special cargo include:


  • Hazardous materials: Chemicals, explosives, and other hazardous materials can be dangerous to transport. Special procedures and equipment are needed to ensure that they are transported safely.
  • Valuable cargo: Anything that is valuable and needs to be transported securely is considered special cargo freight. This includes items like electronics, jewelry, and art.
  • Oversized cargo: Items that are too large or bulky to fit in a standard cargo container need to be transported using specialized equipment and procedures.


If you need to transport special cargo freight, it is important to partner with a transportation company that has experience in handling the specific type of cargo that you need to transport.

Better service

Our priority is your satisfaction. Everything we do makes your logistics easier – our proactive agents ensure your goods get to where they’re needed, and handle any exceptions along the way.

Broader solutions

Our technology and integrations link you seamlessly to more logistics options worldwide, so we can find the solutions that suit you best – whether they’re faster, more convenient or more affordable.

Greener ambition

Our goal is to provide the most responsible logistics solutions possible. Every day, we work hard to find new ways of caring even better for businesses, people and the environment.

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