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Link to a truckload of solutions for all your road transport needs

Nothing overtakes road transport as the most time- and cost-efficient choice for door-to-door deliveries, especially over shorter distances. And no service overtakes Link Logistics for helping you quickly find the right solutions for your delivery needs at the right price.

Whatever you need delivered, you only need to link with us

All types of goods

From dry and temperature-sensitive to special and dangerous cargo, we can deliver anything.

All types of loads

From Full Truckload (FTL) or Less Than Truckload (LTL) to refrigerated trailers and custom-fits.

All industry sectors

FMCG, lifestyle, retail, chemicals... you name it, we’ll get it delivered safely and securely.

Flexible, fast and cost-efficient

Our brokerage gives you the flexibility to choose from a wide range of road transport solutions, so you know you can always deliver the cargo type you need – on time and on budget. We assign you a dedicated team who’ll work fast to find your solution, accelerating your logistics with years of experience: from organising pick-up, to tracking progress, to ensuring safe delivery. And because we’ve pre-negotiated rates with all the major road freight companies, you’re assured of a preferential pricing every time – helping you to keep the brakes on your budget.

Everything in a single work procedure
– simple and straightforward!

How is road transport better with Link Logistics?

More choice

We link your business to a wide network of road freight carriers to give you a world of choice.

Less for you to do

Whatever you need, our teams take care of everything and keep you updated and supported.

Preferential rates

We’ve already done the price negotiations for you with road transporters around the world.

Tracking and updates

Know where all your road shipments are, at anytime and from anywhere, with live tracking.

Proactive problem-solving

Once your road delivery is underway, we deal with any issues – often before they even occur.

Scalable with your business

We treat every business with the same prioritized service and scale with your growing needs.

Greener ambition

We work hard to find the lowest emission road solutions that still suit your requirements.