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Link logistics officially acquires Tangen Logistics

Link Logistics and Tangen Logistics formally announced the completion of their merger today, creating a potential industry leader in Norway’s transport sector. The official name change is still in progress, but from this day, customers will be able to enjoy advantages from both companies.


Given the background of the two companies and the experience and competencies both have within transport & logistics, Link logistics’ acquisition of Tangen will be a benefit for customers in Norway. Both current and future customers can expect a higher level of service in several areas.


Link Logistics will be able to offer customers personalized customs handling, ensuring customs and border processing will be quicker and more efficient, as customs will be handled in-house for all customers. Road and courier offerings will also be increased, ensuring all local customers can get the opportunity to get faster and improved solutions, by utilizing the expert competencies of both companies.


“These are very exciting times for our current and future customers in Norway. Tangen Logistics has a lot of successful experience with road transport. Coupled with Link’s expertise in freight forwarding, Link can now provide services to customers, in line with market leaders in Norwegian transport.” – Link Logistics CEO, Anders Martens