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Black Friday 2023: Increased Spending in Denmark

Positive Outlook for Retailers: Black Friday 2023 in Denmark is poised for success, with indications of higher consumer spending despite economic concerns. The annual survey by DI Handel reveals optimistic trends, with 62% of Danes planning to participate in Black Friday, a 10% increase from 2022. Young adults (18-29 years) show the highest intent to shop​​.


Increased Spending: Shoppers are expected to spend more this year. Approximately 23% of consumers anticipate spending “a bit more” or “much more” than the previous year. The average spending is projected to be 2,348 DKK, up 17% from 2022​​.


Shift in Consumer Sentiment: Despite declining energy prices and inflation, 77% of consumers have become more cautious with their spending. About 35% report a smaller financial leeway compared to last year​​.


Online Shopping Dominates: The majority of Black Friday purchases are expected to be online, accounting for 46% of all sales. The number of omni-channel shoppers (buying both online and offline) has increased to 30%​​.


Preferred Categories: Clothing, shoes, and accessories are the most popular categories, with 47% of consumers planning to buy these items. There’s also a notable increase in the categories of travel and food and beverages​​.


This data indicates a robust Black Friday season in Denmark, with retailers likely to witness considerable consumer engagement and spending despite the cautious economic climate.


Source: Dansk Industri