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Black Friday: A Week-Long Commercial Phenomenon

Black Friday has evolved beyond its original one-day event format, now encompassing a full week of commercial activity. This change necessitates a detailed examination from multiple angles: consumer behavior, market trends, and the logistics critical to e-commerce success. Analyzing consumer data and market patterns is essential for capitalizing on this event.


Recent data indicates that Danish consumers are expected to spend around 34 billion DKK during this period. Although this is a substantial amount, it marks a 20-25% decrease from the previous year. Rather than seeing this as a negative trend, it should be considered an opportunity for strategic realignment. For you, this is a chance to improve operational efficiency, strengthen supply chain resilience, and better the customer experience.


Demographic studies show that 54% of people aged 18-29 are likely to participate in Black Friday shopping, compared to only 23% of those over 30. This difference underscores the importance of developing targeted marketing strategies and tailoring shopping experiences to meet the high expectations of a younger, tech-savvy demographic. Key areas of focus should include enhancing website performance, creating user-friendly interfaces, and incorporating efficient payment methods to simplify the checkout process.


Additionally, 80% of Danish consumers use this time to buy Christmas gifts, which suggests a trend of strategic purchasing. This trend requires you to handle the expected rise in gift deliveries, ensuring that all items are delivered promptly and accurately.


Significantly, 79% of consumers show a preference for buying from local e-tailers, highlighting the value of trust and national loyalty in their purchasing decisions. This preference offers a distinct advantage to local logistics companies like Link Logistics, which can provide personalized services that may not be available from larger international firms.


While these insights are based on the Danish market, it’s highly likely that similar trends could be observed in other markets, especially those with comparable consumer behaviors and economic patterns. Businesses in different regions can draw valuable lessons from these trends, adapting their strategies to align with potential shifts in consumer spending and preferences.


With Black Friday approaching, it is crucial to stay attuned to these trends and apply e-commerce expertise to address logistical challenges effectively. The objective is to meet consumer expectations, anticipate their needs, and deliver with precision.


Black Friday is more than just a brief sales event; it is a critical time in the retail calendar that influences the entire year. Maximizing this opportunity requires focused strategic efforts.


Source for data: Dansk Erhverv Analyse 06.11.2023