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A busy December in New Jersey

Our US team has all hands on deck in order to send out their many packages before Christmas.

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Employees that are always up for a challenge

“It’s great to have employees that are always up for a challenge, especially when they volunteer for an international assignment on a Friday evening. This is one of the feel-good stories that make me proud to be a Linker” – Jonas Kaas, Airfreight Manager

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Tangen is now a part of Link Logistics

Link strengthens its commercial operations in Norway with the acquisition of Tangen Logistics.

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New Visual Identity and Website

As our professional profile has evolved and our link family has grown, we needed a new visual identity to reflect where we came from, who we are today and symbolize our mission towards a “Simply Connected” future.

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YOYO is now a part of Link Logistics

We are now officially one company and today marks the beginning of a strong collaboration between Link Logistics and YOYO – and our work on integrating our two companies under one name and one brand, Link Logistics, will now continue.

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Link Logistics and yoyo global freight joins forces

Link Logistics strengthens the Danish core business and accelerates its internationalisation with the acquisition of YOYO Global Freight, which is a leading Danish freight forwarding and logistics company. YOYO provides courier service and sea, air and land transport for companies with a particular focus on the high-end industrial segment.

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Brexit Preparation

Brexit is around the corner and we would like to prepare you in case of a no deal Brexit.

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