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Global logistics can be complex. We make them feel easy. We optimize every link in your supply chain, finding the perfect match of carriers to deliver or store what you need – wherever you need it.


With one click or call, we connect your business to a wider world of logistics options. Need guidance? Our expert advisors are here to expedite your requirements and find the best solutions.

Everything in a single work procedure
– simple and straightforward!

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Everything in a single work procedure
– simple and straightforward!

Everything in logistics in one place

At Link we offers everthing in logistics that you need and we make sure that your delivery get to it's destination safely and quickly. Everthing is done with the solution that suits you and your company the best.

Everything in fulfilment from collection and warehousing to delivery and so much more.

Access a dependable range of worldwide courier companies, quickly and easily

Prioritize cost and the environment with sea freight

Time-critical delivery? Sensitive goods? Limited budget? A wide range of air freight options.

Our brokerage gives you the flexibility to choose from a wide range of road transport solutions

Hazardous, valuable or oversized cargo? Link Logistics specializes in helping you find the best special transport.

We provides pharma shipments with all the attention and precision that a documented process requires.

Our teams sort every administrative step along the way, from customs and tax charge to sending timely tracking notifications to keep your customers updated.






Everything in a single work procedure
– simple and straightforward!

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Let us help you simplify and customize your logistics, warehousing, and fulfilment across the world’s leading providers – all through one, convenient point of contact.

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