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Customer Interview – Pas Normal Studios

A logistics solution as solid as concrete and as agile as rubber

The Danish premium cycling apparel brand, Pas Normal Studios, keeps the commercial chain tight, the logistics chain agile and the aspirations of escapism within reach. This is obtained through its contemporary, technical cycling clothing with visionary aesthetic designs. When monitoring the peloton of cyclists who frequented Danish roads, it was clear that a new rider had to put functionality and aesthetics into gear and set out to lead the peloton in terms of developing premium cycling apparel that is designed to shape the fashion of modern cycling in various contexts. Pas Normal Studios is that rider.

A partner geared for growth


When Ashleigh Jones, Head of Global Sales at Pas Normal Studios, was asked why the company has chosen Link as its logistics partner, he replied:

“Since the foundation of Pas Normal Studios, we have experienced some progressive growth rates. Obviously, this has been a contributing factor in terms of implementing various requirements and criteria related to the flexibility and adaptability of our logistics setup. It has always been a priority for us to collaborate with a partner that could grow with us. Here, Link has been with us from the very start.”


Flexibility and adaptability can be expressed in different ways. Here, Ashleigh emphasizes that we live in a world that is fallible – errors do occur. Therefore, it is not all about avoiding errors. Rather, it is about initiating collaborations with partners that are adaptable to changing needs and are geared to rearrange if an error should occur.


Ashleigh Jones - Head of Global Sales - Photo © PAS NORMAL STUDIOS 2024

Due diligence achieved through dialogue

"With Link, we have only experienced good, close, and constructive dialogue. This has been especially decisive in adapting and preparing us to solve the challenges that naturally emerge from rapid growth," according to Ashleigh Jones of Pas Normal Studios.



The Danish cycling apparel brand has become increasingly relevant on a global scale, represented through flagship stores in the US, Europe and Asia as well as wholesale and retail partners across the globe. When a company scales at a pace comparable to Pas Normal Studios, it naturally puts pressure on the value chain and logistics setup of the company. Here, it has been crucial for Link Logistics to prepare Pas Normal Studios with respect to the upcoming logistics challenges that the progressive growth of the company will give rise to and thereby shape the prospective needs and challenges for Pas Normal Studios.


In relation to this, Ashleigh emphasizes the importance of an established holistic setup.


"A partner that can provide a sufficient and seamless 360-degree setup on logistics is pivotal for us. Inbound, outbound, sea freight, air freight, shipping – you name it. The solution from Link has been flanked with an irreproachable level of service, especially around our exports outside Europe, where different duties, intermodal rates, and other critical logistics factors apply. It occupies a considerable number of resources to navigate within the global field of logistics – Link has reduced these resources significantly."


A partnership pervaded by high pace and ambition


The big and beating cycling heart of Ashleigh has led him to Pas Normal Studios. As his story unfolds, it becomes clear that the passion for cycling is a common thing among the employees of Pas Normal Studios. The passion of some has been cultivated through road racing since childhood; some have found the path into the world of cycling at a later stage in life. Regardless, Pas Normal Studios is, among other values, shaped by ambitions and the desire for achieving a high pace.



This becomes evident as the discussion evolves on how Pas Normal Studios responds to a sudden wave of orders in relation to logistics.


“Our business model is – among others - centred around several product launches throughout the year. Here, we have once been caught off guard based on the large number of orders in relation to what has been estimated. Here, flexibility from Link has been key to unlocking resources that ensure our backlog of orders is shipped in no time. We are in dialogue almost daily to ensure optimal freight solutions with respect to commercial and environmental concerns and of course ensuring that every order gets dispatched.”


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