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Worldwide transport logistics are just one call or click away

When that package HAS to be delivered on time, why waste time with less than the best solutions? We’re a leading broker, linking you to all the courier options you need through a single point of contact – so you always deliver your promise to customers, while keeping within your budget.

How are courier deliveries better with Link Logistics?

Faster delivery speeds, worldwide

Many couriers offer guaranteed delivery times averaging 4-5 days. Link Logistics can get your guaranteed delivery time down to just 2 days – to anywhere in Europe.

REALLY fast delivery

If you choose Link Express, we’ll deliver your package on the next working day across most of Europe and the US. We can even deliver before 9 am or by noon for select destinations.

More proactive support people

Our agents work round-the-clock to find the best possible courier solutions for you around the world. No task is too demanding, they often anticipate your needs, and they always find a way.

Truly scalable, as your business grows

From small start-ups to heavyweight major players, we treat every business with the same prioritized service it deserves and we scale easily with your growing needs.

Greener ambition

We’re committed to providing the most responsible logistics solutions possible. Every day, we work hard to find new ways of caring even better for businesses, people and the environment.

Same day? Low cost? Large, tiny or sensitive? We can handle it.

No need to shop around; we’ve done that for you. Access a dependable range of worldwide courier companies, quickly and easily, so you can find the service that perfectly suits your requirements. Whether you need a same-day delivery or a drop-off scheduled for a specific date, we’ll arrange, track and manage everything for you. Need a bespoke logistics solution? We're always up for a challenge, and always find a way.

Everything in a single work procedure
– simple and straightforward!

Quick to choose, fast to deliver

Our system is designed to work at the speed of life – it’s intuitive, comprehensive, streamlined and supported at every step by our dedicated teams. Here’s how it works:


Save time online

Through our online booking system you can easily order your collection, print out waybills and other shipment documentation.


Choose your courier

Why rely on your usual provider? Choose from a full range of courier options to suit your needs, and see the optimal prices and transit times at a glance.


Leave the rest to us

We take care of everything: collecting your shipment, weighing it, scanning the volume, and then liaising with your chosen express or courier shipment company.

Our teams sort every administrative step along the way, from customs and tax charges to sending timely tracking notifications to keep your customers updated.

Every delivery managed effortlessly for you, every time

You’ve more important things to do than worrying about whether your parcels have arrived safely. Our team of experienced professionals take care of every package from A-B, ensuring they’re delivered on time, on budget, and in perfect condition. In fact, our teams often anticipate problems proactively even before they arise – such as import taxes, security clearances and negotiating other local laws.

Everything in a single work procedure
– simple and straightforward!

Does your courier deliver all this?

When you need to send an important package, either domestically or internationally, you need to make sure you're choosing the right courier service for that specific delivery. Here are some things to watch out for:


Does your courier provider have a proven track record? Are they known for being dependable?


Does your courier offer a wide range of services, or just a few? Can they meet all your needs?


How much experience and resources do they have to handle your type of shipping requests?


How much will they charge? Are you getting a fair price and are there any hidden costs?


How good is their customer service? Will they take care of any issues before you raise them?

Our teams sort every administrative step along the way, from customs and tax charges to sending timely tracking notifications to keep your customers updated.

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