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Denmark, Denmark

Would you like to shape and develop optimal and effective business processes to increase business insights? And do you have great abilities when working with complex data across business levels to make decisions and always be two steps ahead? Then you might be our new Senior Controller!

At Link Logistics A/S we have set out to emerge as the natural link to cross-border logistics solutions through flexible services and integrations. Therefore, we want to effectively develop the most optimal business processes and increase business insights. Link Logistics is growing both in Denmark and international, and to continue our successful journey, we are looking for a well-structured, analytical, and system-strong Senior Controller with a collaborative and solution-oriented attitude. As we are developing our processes ongoingly, we hope to find a Senior Controller, who does not settle with status quo, but someone who positively challenges existing processes to find better ways of doing things.

Link Logistics A/S have offices in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and USA – and as our new Senior Controller we want to give you the opportunity to use your competencies within data analysis and systems to create real impact! The place of work can be either at our Head Quarter in the Copenhagen Area or at our office in Odense, depending on where you live. The employment will require limited travelling.


What you will be doing in the role as our new Senior Controller…

  • Perform data extraction from financial systems and make data analysis to find the common thread and hereby deliver business insights to the Head of Financial Processes & Controlling and other internal stakeholders. We therefore see that you have good skills within communication and collaboration with other people.
  • Contribute to making the monthly reporting of Gross Profit and compile data in collaboration with the Head of Financial Processes & Controlling.
  • Manage and run minor projects yourself in a structured way and take part in current projects.
  • Work with and use ODataV4 to perform, set up, and validate cost controls for services to analyse the expected costs versus actual costs.
  • Generally, support the Finance department with optimization and development of processes. It is important that you have a solution-oriented mindset and can think long-term.
  • Effectively use your critical mindset to positively develop better ways to work with data, processes, and existing ways of working. This will be in close collaboration with the Head of Financial Processes & Controlling.
  • Bridge gaps between organizational needs and understandings. We hope that you effectively can translate theoretical and practical knowledge into business-oriented solutions.
  • Contribute to provide a holistic understanding of business processes, and hereby collaborate with the Head of Financial Processes & Controlling in discovering points for improvement based on data analysis.


Your key skills to succeed in the role…

  • Experience with various data analysis, finance controlling, BI reporting, and database building.
  • Knowledge of ODataV4, accounting principles and general legislation within the field
  • Curious and critical thinking in search for optimal solutions and business development
  • Structured, independent, and masters to create overview and see solutions in a long-term perspective
  • Methodical, analytical, quality conscious, and detail-oriented approach to solving tasks
  • Ability to translate theoretical and practical knowledge into business-oriented solutions
  • Good language skills in speech and writing in Danish and English

We will be calling in for interviews continually and will stop when we find the right person, so please apply as soon as possible, if you are interested in the position.


We guarantee a friendly and welcoming culture where everyone is ready to help each other and contribute to a good work environment! If you have questions regarding the position or the tasks, please reach out to Head of Financial Processes & Controlling, Camilla Høyer-Kruse, on or +45 20 59 18 10.