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Birdie® on choosing the right logistical partner for the journey

Birdie® were, due to a successful Kickstarter campaign, off to a great start helping homeowners, schools, and businesses all over the world to improve indoor air quality.


An otherwise great take off ended in a sudden crash, when Birdie's former logistics provider could not be trusted in relation to prices, which led to the company suffering. Birdie® had to re-establish balance and find a new logistics provider, who could get the company back in the air.


Dishonesty, lack of trust and lack of assistance kept Birdie® grounded.

On the fourth floor overlooking a typical backyard in Nørrebro, Copenhagen, you can find Birdie®. Birdie® is an indoor environment monitor that lets you know when the air quality in the room goes bad. The devise takes the shape of a canary bird, which drops its head to let you know, when ventilate and optimize your surroundings. This message clearly resonated, as the outcome of Birdie's Kickstarter campaign led to orders worldwide. Birdie® initiated a logistic partnership with a large, international supplier. Everything seemed to run smoothly, but that soon took a turn.

Every story consists of two sides. Andreas Kofoed Sørensen, Co-founder of Birdie® and Mikael Christensen, Head of Sales at Link Logistics will contribute to the story on how Birdie® finally took off.



“Logistics can be simple with the right supplier. Birdie® experienced everything but that. To stop the bleeding, we immediately established a profitable logistics solution with as less corporate noise as possible to ensure frictionless shipping and rebuild the trust”.

- Mikael Christensen, Head of Sales, Link Logistics.

What made you put a stop to your existing deal?

Andreas emphasizes: “Our starting point was to cooperate with an experienced logistic supplier, who was specialized in helping kickstarter-companies with freight and logistics overseas. However, our trust in the partnership gradually eroded as we continuously experienced dishonesty regarding prices, as well as lack of help and support around foreign logistic registration. These elements diluted our profit margin and restrained the high quality of the costumer experience that we aspire to provide”.

Due to a natural lack of experience in logistics, Birdie® needed a logistics supplier to trust and rely on. One that could live up to the responsibility, provide supervision on logistics overseas, and ensure an untroubled logistic infrastructure. “All these concerns have been addressed by Link Logistics”.

Going global meant going local.

Birdie® needed a qualified and competitive logistic foundation they could rely on. “We helped them gather up the threads and consolidated a local setup that is geared to their global upscale”, says Mikael Christensen, Head of Sales, Link Logistics.

What made you choose Link Logistics?

“We needed a partner we could trust, and one that could solve our logistic challenges once and for all. Link Logistics showed commitment, a proactive attitude and took responsibility from the very start. They guided us in establishing a streamlined logistics setup, which is technically compatible and integrated with Shopify”, Andreas explains.


“In the place of offering a fixed logistic setup, Link Logistics approach was, and still is, to shape a tailored, agile solution that can be upscaled in line with our needs. All cultural and linguistic barriers are simultaneously demolished, ensuring that crucial details will not be lost in translation. Apart from ensuring a smooth logistics setup, Link Logistics also assisted us with getting competetive rates, handle time-consuming and complex details, and ranking our possibilities understandably, which provides us the optimal conditions for making the best decisions for Birdie®, he finishes.

Play your strengths and leave the logistics to us.

The culture at Link Logistics is to play people’s strengths. “You can have the best idea or product possible, but if the logistics and deliverability don’t add up, you lose value throughout. This is core business and Birdie® felt the impact”, says Mikael Christensen, Head of Sales, Link Logistics.

What is your best advice for others facing similar challenges?

“Do what you do best and leave the rest to professionals. As we were quite inexperienced with logistics, entrusting professionals with a passion and commitment to logistics has been key for us, as it has first and foremost brought us confidence", Andreas says.



“Moreover, it liberates valuable resources enabling us to focus on value creating initiatives and the development of our core business, while having faith that our products and logistics are in proper and competent hands”.



“Having a local supplier made sense and has been beneficial for us, as Link Logistics has managed to understand our needs and business, enabling them to tailor the optimal solution without any language or cultural barriers. Moreover, they were able to coordinate and consolidate all our logistics needs, covering all aspects and potential concerns of freight and fulfilment within one supplier”, he finishes.