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Time-critical delivery? Sensitive goods? Limited budget? You need access to more air freight options to find the right one. At Link Logistics, that’s what we do for you. As Denmark’s leading air freight solutions provider, IATA-accredited with a network of agents worldwide, we’re ready to expedite your delivery at the right price, right now.


The most valuable thing
we deliver: great service


Automation is great, but personal service is even better. We give you both, with a strong emphasis on dedicated, proactive people who listen carefully to your specific challenge then quickly find your ideal solution. Better still, our teams take care of everything for you – from pickup to tracking to fulfilment – so you can stay focused on business.

How is air freight better
with Link Logistics?


  • More choice of carriers
    • We link your business to a wide network of air freight carriers to give you a world of choice.
  • Less for you to do
    • Whatever you need, our teams take care of everything and keep you updated and supported.
  • Wider range of goods handled
    • From delicate to dangerous goods, we handle full or part loads safely, smoothly and speedily.
  • Preferential rates
    • We’ve already done the price negotiations for you with air freight providers around the planet.
  • Proactive problem-solving
    • Once your air shipment is underway, we deal with any issues – often before they even occur.
  • Scalable with your business
    • We treat every business with the same prioritized service and scale with your growing needs.

Better service

Our priority is your satisfaction. Everything we do makes your logistics easier – our proactive agents ensure your goods get to where they’re needed, and handle any exceptions along the way.

Broader solutions

Our technology and integrations link you seamlessly to more logistics options worldwide, so we can find the solutions that suit you best – whether they’re faster, more convenient or more affordable.

Greener ambition

Our goal is to provide the most responsible logistics solutions possible. Every day, we work hard to find new ways of caring even better for businesses, people and the environment.

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We manage over 2 million shipments for
more than 2,500 clients worldwide.