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Link’s history  Over two decades of transport and logistics expertise.

The beginning 

Link Logistics was founded in 2002 with a clear vision: to make logistics as simple, effective, and responsible as possible. Originally established trading under the name Universal FDX, Link started with a sole product of exporting express shipments. It was not until 2006 where the name of Link Logistics was first established, just over four years after initial trading.

Increasing our offerings 

The mid-late 2000s was a significant time for Link Logistics. In 2005 we closed pivotal deals with companies such as Novo Nordisk and Novozymes. And from 2008 Link entered new market segments, first by opening a warehouse in Copenhagen offering ‘Pick & Pack’ services, before receiving IATA authorization giving us permission to handle air freight shipments.

Establishing our global position

In 2013 Link opened its first office in Gothenburg, Sweden. This would be Link’s first office abroad, paving the way for expansion outside of Denmark. This led to the opening of our Stockholm office in 2018, followed by commencing operations in the USA in 2020. 

Strengthening our global position

After having been under private ownership for 17 years, Link was bought in 2019 by Polaris Private Equity, a leading Nordic private equity company that invests in mid-sized companies. For nearly three decades, Polaris has primarily focused on investing in Nordic mid-sized companies with great potential, improving them, in partnership with the respective company’s management and board. The acquisition by Polaris meant that we at Link could benefit from more resources, accelerated growth and additional expertise with regards to company acquisition.

Today, we’re continuing to offer market-leading and tailor-made services for high-value B2B and B2C companies everywhere. We at Link do our best to set new standards for the sector by helping improve businesses, while being able to implement eco-friendlier solutions.

Since being acquired by Polaris, Link has taken over two companies: Yoyo Global freight (2021) and Tangen Logistics (2022), meaning we now have locations in Aalborg (DK), Aarhus (DK), Fredericia (DK), Odense (DK), Copenhagen (DK), Gothenburg (SE), Stockholm (SE), Oslo (NO), Stavanger (NO), Porsgrunn (NO) and New Jersey (US).

Link’s Promise & Values


Our promise is fundamental to us, and as a result, it is at the cornerstone of everything we do here at Link. It highlights our key business focuses; it provides current and potential customers with an insight into the level of service they can expect when working with us. Finally, it is a way to demonstrate how we differentiate ourselves from our competitors within transport and logistics.

In spring 2022, our management formulated Link's new promise, defining our business's three most essential areas moving forward. The first area is digitalization. We aim to have a strong focus on simplifying complex digital solutions for our customers. The second is service as a keyword throughout the entire organization. We must focus on people, customers, and employees as we understand that offering good service can only be done by having the right people Finally, the third point is to have an increasing focus on responsibility and sustainability and to take on the necessary role to operate in today's world.


Our values are the core standards that guide the way in which we do business and what our organisation stands for. While business plans and strategies may change or develop over time, our core values will always remain the same.

Our values are fundamental to Link maintaining its successful and sustainable business status. At Link, we work in accordance with our values in the way we perform, the way that we work, and how we treat each other.

Our organization is united by adhering to our values, which is vital if we are to achieve our desired work and business culture. Our ambition is that Link will be recognized nationally and internationally as an attractive workplace and a respected partner for both customers and suppliers.

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