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The most precious item we handle is your trust.

Our values shape our service, and the success we help enable for all our customers.

  • Pioneering: We’re curious by nature and have an innovative mindset. We stay proactive and always one step ahead.
  • Solution-oriented: We never say no – always finding a way and quick to act on problems that need solving.
  • Responsible: We care for the environment, so we make decisions that are not only best for our customers, but also for the world around us.
  • Friendly: We take care of and stand up for each other. We enjoy a happy workplace, working hard together yet still finding time to have fun.

Better service

Our priority is your satisfaction. Everything we do makes your logistics easier – our proactive agents ensure your goods get to where they’re needed, and handle any exceptions along the way.

Broader solutions

Our technology and integrations link you seamlessly to more logistics options worldwide, so we can find the solutions that suit you best – whether they’re faster, more convenient or more affordable.

Greener ambition

Our goal is to provide the most responsible logistics solutions possible. Every day, we work hard to find new ways of caring even better for businesses, people and the environment.

Let us do the heavy lifting,
so you can focus on business

Founded in 2002, our company was started with a clear vision: to make your logistics as simple, effective and responsible as possible.


We do this by taking the weight of logistics off your shoulders, and linking you to ideal carriers and transportation options around the world.


Today, our market leading offering and exceptional service have transformed international logistics for high value B2B and B2C companies everywhere – setting new standards for the sector by helping improve businesses, people and work towards greener solutions.


Link is today owned by private equity firm Polaris, which has empowered the growth of our logistics brokerage business. Through this strategic partnership, they have helped drive our sustainability agenda forward too – realizing more of our potential to make a good company great.

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