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We connect your business to the largest network of freight transport options and find the right carrier for you, and can even store and fulfil your orders – all through one point of contact, so you get the best of all worlds and can stay focused on business.


Whatever you need, wherever you need it, our experts work proactively to solve your logistics challenges and optimize each link in your supply chain – overcoming any obstacles and simplifying the whole process for you.

All your logistics needs. All in one place.

Need to send parcels fast and conveniently? We’re the leading provider of express, economy and parcel courier services to any destination worldwide.
Want to outsource your fulfilment operations? We offer a cost-effective and customizable alternative to managing your company’s own warehouse.
Need to move bulk items swiftly? We give you flexible and Pharma compliant air transportation options worldwide through our strong network of partners.
Need to transport freight by Road? You are always ensured flexible road transportation no matter the destination, size or requirements through our network.
Need a cost-optimized freight shipment by sea? Whatever the destination or size, our partner network gives you total flexibility.
Need a special logistics solution where the contents, time or complexity aren’t covered by the usual transportation options? We have it.

We chose Link to simplify our logistics setup. Their professionalism, product range and competitive rates are an important match to serving our customers the right way.

Christopher Jarrow
Head of Supply Chain, RAINS ApS



Transform your customers’ checkout experience with smarter shipping options, delivering the choices they want and helping to increase your conversion rates.


Optimize and manage your supply chain with flexible solutions that cover all your needs. From storage to delivery, we’re your one-stop logistics partner.

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